R&D Services

The services offered by the Chemifloc Group range from Water Treatment Process Optimisation (jar testing, analytical method development) with Chemilab to custom synthesis, purification, and formulation at Chemifloc.

Bulk Custom Synthesis – Purification – Formulation

Chemifloc has a team of chemists and engineers who specialise in the manufacture of inorganic solutions ranging from 1 tonne in 25L jerricans or IBCs to 1000+ tonnes per annum in bulk road tankers. We manufacture inorganic chemicals in batches from 2-30T in reactors that can be heated, cooled, and pressurised.

We can also manufacture novel mixtures of inorganic solutions ranging from high-purity solids/solutions to formulated mixtures of chemicals for applications such as fuel additives, battery electrolytes, chemical etchants, water treatment, septicity control, cleaning in process (CIP) solutions, and other high-purity industrial salts.

Our main plant manufactures bulk Inorganic Chemicals such as Ferric Sulphate and Ferric Nitrate solutions, and we offer different grades of these products, including high-purity and high-concentration solutions, depending on the customers’ requirements.

We can purify any crystallisable inorganic chemical using a combination of crystallisation and filtration techniques.

We also formulate bulk mixtures of any blend of inorganic chemicals. Currently, we blend proprietary CIP agents for some of our customers as well as Chemifloc brand chemicals such as our septicity control agent Septiox®, stainless steel cleaning agents, boiler treatment chemicals, and anti-scaling agents.


Why companies choose the Chemifloc Group

  • A leader in chemical supplies
  • Extensive product range
  • Large-scale manufacturing
  • Global supply sources
  • Major storage capacity
  • Largest tanker fleet
  • Safe, rapid distribution
  • Creative solutions
  • R&D Services
  • Strong support services
  • A trusted partner

Our Products

Chemifloc offers an extensive range of chemical products in the following categories:


Our chemicals are added to water to form aluminium or iron precipitates. These absorb impurities in the water as they form, functioning to clean the water supply of contaminants.

Potable (Drinking)
Water Polyelectrolytes

Potable polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in potable drinking water treatment. They help with floc formation and removal.


Polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in wastewater treatment.


Chemifloc provide a wide range of general chemical products, including aluminium sulphate, ferric sulphate, sodium hypochlorite and fluoride.

How can we help?

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